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Brand Alert Lookup lets you track copycat domains that can damage your or someone else’ brand reputation

Brand Alert Lookup gives you a list of all registered domain names that contain your queried search terms such as your exact brand name and trademarks or their variations.

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What Is a Brand Alert Lookup?

A brand alert lookup is a tool to check if domain names containing specified terms like your brand name or trademarks were registered or dropped recently. Brand Alert Lookup lets you check additions and drops for the past seven days.

Brand Alert Lookup

Why Use Brand Alert Lookup?

  • Instant Results

    Get nearly instant access to a list of the domains registered within the past week, possibly without your knowledge or consent, and contain your brand, trademarks, or other search terms.

  • Easy to Use and Share

    Each brand alert lookup report comes with a custom URL that you can share with members of your marketing, legal, cybersecurity, and other departments to take immediate action against potential infringers.

Practical usage

Protect against All Kinds of Cyberattacks

Protect against All Kinds of Cyberattacks

  • Attacks that use domains that are highly similar to yours can lead to brand misrepresentation. Avoid entanglements with bad actors by catching misspelled variations of your domain that can tarnish your company’s hard-earned reputation.
  • Protect your customers from phishing and other cyberattacks by letting them know what domain lookalikes to steer clear of.

Prevent Trademark and Copyright Infringement

  • Typosquatting presents enormous challenges for trademark and copyright owners, as it’s quite common for cybercriminals to mimic popular domains to boost their sites’ performance. Brand Alert Lookup can be a valuable tool if you need to file domain resolution disputes.
  • Exert due diligence to make sure that the domains you choose to host your new sites on aren’t infringing on anyone’s trademarks and copyrights.
Prevent Trademark and Copyright Infringement
Enhance Competitor Monitoring and Research

Enhance Competitor Monitoring and Research

  • Marketing is tough but Brand Alert Lookup may be able to help. Discover what your competitors are up to by keeping track of their domains.
  • Staying abreast of market and industry trends can be tedious and time-consuming. Reduce the amount of time you spend on individual domain name searches with brand alert lookups.
Brand Alert Lookup | WhoisXML API

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